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AP's Bet of The Day

On the members email I sometimes mark up a runner as my 'Bet of The Day' (BOTD), not everyday but only if one REALLY STANDS OUT to me on a specific day.

Obviously the only way to fully maximise your betting profits is to be a full-time member, but if you would just rather wait & get sent the odd selection every so often (on average 3 a week) then this may be the service for you.

Below you can see screenshots of members emails with the BOTD's on.

This service is ideal for those who don't want to bet everyday. 

It will go live on the website Sign Up page soon & will be priced at £120 for 12 months membership. But for the next 24 hours only you can take advantage of this 'pre-launch offer'

Get Access To All My BOTD'S Until 31st December 2017 for Just £24.99 

*Please note you will ONLY receive horses that I mark up as a 'BOTD' in the members email. There will NOT be a BOTD every day & will only include special info sold individually IF is it a BOTD. If you are wanting access to ALL the direct info I receive you will need to join as a full-time member to the main service.

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